23 is the third base 10 repunit prime exponent after 2 and 19. the fifth sophie germain prime and the fourth safe prime, 23 is the next to last member of the first cunningham chain of the first kind to have five terms (2, 5, 11, 23, 47). since 14! 1 is a multiple of 23 but 23 is not one more than a multiple 14, 23 is a pillai prime. Download mike will made it ā€œ23ā€ ft. miley cyrus, wiz khalifa & juicy j smarturl.it 23single director: hannah lux davis and michael illiamsfollow mike w. **23andme pgs pharmacogenetics reports: the 23andme test uses qualitative genotyping to detect 6 variants in 3 genes in the genomic dna of adults from saliva for the purpose of reporting and interpreting information about the processing of certain therapeutics to inform discussions with a healthcare professional. Directed by hans christian schmid. with august diehl, fabian busch, dieter landuris, jan gregor kremp. when the orphaned karl koch and his friend david start breaking into government and military computers, an acquaintance senses that there is money in computer cracking and travels to east berlin to try to contact the kgb. “23” is a synth driven hip hop song set to a midtempo beat and a “bass heavy” arrangement. it is distinguished in cyrus’ catalog as the first track in which she raps. in the chorus, cyrus mentions recreational drug use, particularly in the line “iā€™m in the club high off purp with some shades on”.

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